Fallow land in desertification Fallow land in desertification
Desertification - every year, the earth currently loses about 12 million additional hectares of fertile soil (this is roughly equivalent to the arable land of Germany), and the trend is still rising! This catastrophic trend must be stopped and reversed. The very robust oil-plant Jatropha, which grows even in hot regions under the most adverse conditions, stabilises and renaturalises the soil. The so-called pioneer-plant Jatropha is the beginning of reclaiming land areas that are in the process of desertification. The first step is the cultivation of pioneer plants, the second step can be the start of mixed cultivation. If we imagine, all the land that is currently lost to desertification every year would be used for vegetable oil production, the following amount of vegetable oil could be produced. The calculations presented here are only approximate to show the enormous potential. The Jatropha is a small-growing tree that grows between 2 and 3 metres tall. After planting, harvesting can already begin in the 2nd year. Similar to olive-trees, the tree can be harvested for about 50 years. During this time, the Jatropha absorbs large amounts of CO2 from the air and incorporates it into the trunk. At the end of the tree's life, new trees are planted and the old trunks are processed into bio-coal in a highly efficient pyrolysis plant. The resulting bio-coal is incorporated into the farmland soil as a soil improver. In this way, most of the CO2 absorbed from the air remains permanently bound in the soil - just as nature does. If one takes the area of 12 million hectares that fall victim to desertification every year as a basis, then 15.600.000.000 Trees could be planted here. The plant-oil yield from these trees is an incredible volume 3,480,000,000 m 3 . If we calculate the PRE-FUEL plus CARBON-CAPTURE Effekt, 5 kg/litre, on this plant- oil quantity, the atmosphere is permanently deprived annually of 17,400,000 tonnes of CO2. Let's summarise - the 2nd stage of cultivation: 15 million hectares of valuable land would not fall victim to desertification. 3.48 billion litres of vegetable oil could be produced. Averaging 500 litres of fuel per car per year, this would allow about 7 billion cars to run for a year. The consumption of 3.48 billion litres of PRE-FUEL plus CARBON-CAPTURE Technique would absorb 17.4 million tonnes of CO2 from the air and permanently store it as a soil improver. The areas thus restored to their natural state could later be reallocated to different uses, such as mixed cultivation. After a while, large parcels of land could also be redesignated as nature reserves. Desertification takes place mainly in poor countries. Here, the use of the natural fuel PRE-FUEL could bring prosperity and peace. The use and renaturation of fallow-land has extreme potential. It is an absolute WIN / WIN Situation - for nature, climate relief and people.
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