CARBON-CAPTURE the new magic formula for saving the climate We have too much CO2 in the air - let's just get it out again. Easier said than done - with enormous financial and technical effort, attempts are being made to separate the CO2 from the air in order to compress it and press it permanently into underground caverns. On reflection, it quickly becomes clear that neither the necessary quantities can be separated in this way, nor will this be possible at affordable prices. Getting the CO2 out of the air is without doubt the only right way, but what is the right technology? Many millions of years ago, nature developed an absolutely ingenious technique - photosynthesis. This photo shows the mixed cultivation of camelina and wheat. The enormous plant mass, in which the carbon - extracted from the air - is incorporated, is very clearly visible. The proportion of plants used for the production of vegetable oil and flour is very small. The rest of the plant are left behind as straw. The plants residues are not left to decompose, as is usually the case, which produces large quantities of greenhouse gases such as methane, but they are processed into BIO-Charcoal. The BIO-Charcoal is produced with pyrolysis plants. In the pyrolysis plants, the plant residues are converted into BIO-Charcoal at high temperature under air exclusion. This BIO-Charcoal is enriched with micro-organisms and permanently incorporated into the soil as a soil improver and fertiliser. This closes the cycle: the oil plant absorbs the CO2 from the air and incorporates the carbon into its plant body. from a small part of the plant we obtain our PRE-FUEL and the flour for the foodstuffs. the absolute largest part remains in the soil as BIO-Charcoal and is thus no longer climate-active.
The good News: According to a study by Dr. Gerhard Herres of the University of Paderborn, it is possible to reduce the burden on the climate to such an extent that it returns to its pre-industrial state, if our technologies are implemented consistently. We are on the right Track!
That is the PRE-FUEL PARADOX The more that is driven and consumed, the more oil plants are grown and the more CO2 is absorbed from the air and most of the carbon is returned to the soil as BIO-Charcoal and permanently removed from the atmosphere. An ideal cycle for averting the climate catastrophe and additionally produce huge amounts of food for our growing Human-Family.
Carbon Capture
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