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I am glad that I can prove in video 2 that the lobbyists of the E-mobility or similar nonsensical technologies are completely wrong, when they claim that the cultivation of plant fuel must be at the expense of food production - the eternal "Plate or Tank“ - Lie! That it can be exactly the other way around I will show impressively in our Video 2. In addition, I will show you how the cultivation and use of PRE-FUEL increases food production worldwide, makes developing countries independent of fossil fuels and also permanently removes enormous amounts of CO 2 from our atmosphere. will inspire you - see you in the Video 2.
Hello - welcome to the most exciting part of PRE-FUEL - PRE-FUEL's Desert-Farms! In the search for large unused areas you automatically come to the deserts of our earth. Due to climate change the barren areas of the deserts continue to grow dramatically. Today they are, taken together, 5 times as big as Australia and even bigger than Africa! Without doubt we would have enough space here, if we did not have the "small" water problem! How this is solved in an ingenious way, we show you in our Video 3. I am convinced that you will be very surprised and enthusiastic about our solution.
An appeal to reason! Industrialization began at the end of the eighteenth century, during which time we made the most amazing inventions. But two particularly important lessons we could learn from the progress: The technological superiority of nature compared to human technology is limitless! Whenever our technological developments run counter to the natural cycles, the catastrophe is inevitable! In this spirit PRE-FUEL was developed. PRE-FUEL is practiced natural technology, harmoniously embedded in the cycles of nature.
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