30 years of research, development & experience We are ready for industrial production in large quantities. The technology is tested and ready for the market, so we will start production in different design stages. Stage 1 is the fastest possible production in smaller quantities - 1m 3 per day - for the large demand for PRE-FUEL plus test quantities. This production will temporarily take place at a production site of a partner company. At the moment, we expect to be able to provide the first test quantities in the 3rd quarter of this year. Stage 2 is the professional production of 60 - 100 m3 daily. This production is designed in such a way that we can expand the capacities considerably. We are currently looking for a location for this production, if possible with an inland port connection. Our search is currently focused on the area where lignite mining will cease. There are interesting advantages here: -A lot of free space Well-trained, motivated employees -Interesting funding models for new settlements The production layout for the first industrial production has been created - what is missing is a suitable location.
Delivery of the oil seed PRE-FUEL 1 2 1 5 2 3 3 4 4 4 Oil-seed hopper, below located the automatic oil presses  Press cake container (2/3 of the volume) for food production  Raw oil tanks  PRE-FUEL plus tanks  Especially spreading and dosing systems (patent pending)   1 2 3 4 5 Overview: fully automatic plants - capacity 60.000 litres / daily
In parallel to building up our first production capacities, we are working out the guidelines for our certification with our certification partners. This is particularly important to us, because it guarantees the real CO2-free production of our oilseed. We are also working on a concept for our contract farmers that will enable us to separate the mixed seeds on site and to convert the plant residues into bio-coal, also on site. The bio-coal, is returned to the contract farmer as a soil improver to be permanently incorporated into the soil.
Together with our international specialists we are already working on the implementation of our cultivation stages 1 & 2. Especially stage 3 needs intensive preparations until the implementation can start. What we have in mind is global, but in the beginning there is vision, then Vision, then the Sweat and then the Success We would be happy if you join us, write under: join@pre-fuel.com
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