Every new technology is developed, extensively tested and then the so-called rollout begins. Particularly destructive technologies require an elaborate rollout. This can be seen clearly in the transformation of internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles. The same applies to the introduction of e-fuels and hydrogen technology. Unlike the latter, PRE-FUEL does not require different or converted vehicles, nor can the existing refueling infrastructure be used. PRE-FUEL, on the other hand, must overcome other challenges: The procurement of the of raw materials o short term o medium-term o long-term Integration of the production partners o Mixed-crop cultivation o Mixed-crop harvesting o Seed preparation and processing Carbonation of crop residues Distribution of PRE-FUEL in the beginning in small quantities, so that as many customers as possible can convince themselves of the quality in a self-test. In the second phase, medium quantities to large consumers, such as logistics companies, municipalities, the German Federal Armed Forces, federal railroad construction companies, operators of combined heat and power plants, lessors of energy stations, THW disaster control, etc. Delivery of test quantities for various tests, such as in shipping, for the testing and adaptation of jet engines in aviation. Delivery of large quantities, if the necessary capacities are available. We will start the PRE-FUEL rollout in Germany and then expand it to the EU. One market is particularly close to our heart - AFRICA. We already have serious inquiries from various African countries, so we will work this market in parallel. For the African countries the cultivation and use of PRE-FUEL has not only environmental relevance, the cultivation and use of PRE-FUEL means: Independence from fossil fuels Avoidance of investments in infrastructure for e-mobility Avoidance of expensive foreign exchange expenditures for fossil fuels Creation of new revenue sources Creation of long-term jobs for thousands of people Electricity, light, cooking, communication and education in every village away from the public power supply. For the general public this means a massive climate relief We use the timeline shown here to illustrate our planning. At the moment, this can only be a very dynamic representation, as much is currently based on preliminary assumptions and will become more and more concrete as development progresses. We ask you to take this planning for what it is - a first rough estimate.
Supply of small quantities from purchased raw materials Partner search for mix-culture cultivation Evaluation of the different pyrolysis plants
Supply of larger quantities from purchased raw materials Start of cultivation in mixed culture Commissioning of the first pyrolysis plants
Expansion of cultivation areas multinationally Supply of major customers Establishment of EU distribution
Commissioning of the first desert farm Delivery to major customers EU wide Establishment of international sales
From the end of 2024 PRE-FUEL is the fuel that extracts about 5kg CO2 per liter more than it emits.
will radically change mobility!