It sounds PARADOX (contradictory) "the more you drive, the more you save the environment". but it is what it is and why it is so, you can find out in detail here.
The big Challenges Without any doubt, one of the challenges is to produce our PRE-FUEL fuel in an absolutely natural and CO2 neutral way. We are currently working out guidelines with specialists, that meet these requirements 100 %. All suppliers will be certified within the framework of these specifications. 2nd Challenge: Another challenge is to generate the necessary quantities to supply the entire mobility and other applications. To generate these quantities, a long-term, international strategy is necessary. We have developed a 3-step plan that will amaze you. Stage 1: Mixed-crop cultivation - potential for ~52 million cars annually + Stage 2: Fallow-land cultivation - potential for ~7 billion cars annually Stage 3: DESERT-VISION - Potential nearly 3rd Challenge: The processing of the various natural oils into a fuel that can be used in any modern diesel engine - without the need for engine adaptation. The specification is that PRE-FUEL plus CARBON-CAPTURE Technique can be substituted 1:1 conventional fossil fuels. Another important development goal is to adapt PRE-FUEL plus CARBON-CAPTURE Technique so that it can also be used in jet engines without any problems. The first goal has been achieved: PRE-FUEL plus CARBON-CAPTURE Technique can be substituted conventional fossil diesel fuel without any problems. PRE-FUEL plus CARBON-CAPTURE Technique has impressively proven this in many thousands of kilometres. The modern, complex manufacturing and processing process has been optimised over many years and is now suitable for mass production. It was very important that the processing procedure is so adaptable that the process safety is guaranteed even with the most varied natural oil types. The result is a reliable manufacturing process (patent pending) that always guarantees a consistently high quality of PRE-FUEL plus CARBON-CAPTURE Technique 4th Challenge: Guarantee of absolutely CO2-free production of PRE-FUEL plus CARBON-CAPTURE Technique. Useful processing of the valuable press cake, 2/3 of which is produced, into healthy food. A CO2-free process chain from field to tank
Appeal: We are at the very beginning of a fantastic journey towards nature-compliant industrialisation. Natural processes are of such complexity and intelligence that we may never fully understand them. But what a great many people have already painfully realised is that to oppose them to oppose them is fatal. Our whole aspiration must be to live in harmony with nature, as indigenous peoples have practised for centuries. One of the biggest mistakes some people make is to see a problem only one- dimensionally and try to fix it. Natural processes are multi-dimensional and very complex. Only if we try to see, understand and solve our problems in big picture terms will we succeed in preserving our planet in its present form for us humans. This is our great concern and we are looking for comrades-in-arms.
THE FUTURE IS ETHICAL - or not at all
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